1. Shot this at 10 this morning when the natural light was nice in my room. I just turned my camera on auto, flipped it around and held it up in the air and did the typical myspace thing. I got a shot in which my eyes were reasonably in focus and developed the RAW. I was amazed at how good it came out. Keep in mind I shot this in full auto dad on vacation I have no idea how to turn this thing on o wait I took a picture oh shit my thumbs in it mode.

    This is one my first times using the Canon 24-70mm 2.8f L lens, and christ its beautiful. It’s not the greatest lens in the world for close up portraits like this so I had to flush out some lens distortion and vignetting in photoshop but it doesn’t show any aberrations or artifacts, and the color is¬†phenomenal. I hate that I am only going to buy L stuff from now on and probably starve to death.


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